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His recent works have an aura of mystery.

Luigi Settembrini is an artist, production designer and painter who has received important and gratyfing recognition.

In his work he uses different materiels which range from the abstract to the informal; colour very thick and bright, is used to make unusual geometric patterns.

Looking at his work, the viewer can easily grasp the artist’s intention to give an ouvertly emotional dimension to his creations.

His long and self-confident brush strokes, that draw sections with deliberately irregular outlines, are also very moving, particularly because of their warm and embracing light.

One can also grasp a melanchonic side of Luigi Settembrini’s painting, particularly when space is dealt with by using colours based on a narrative text thanks to which forms and details stand out with great meta-narrative sensitivity.

We are therefore dealing with an artist who is putting forward a “way of painting” based on a demand of continual renewal.

Furthermore his work manages to appeal to a varied public.

The words of his M° Renzo Bianchi are most significant to sum up Luigi Settembrini: “the real artist is not the one is disclosed immediately, but lets himself be discovered...”


Simone Fappanni

Distancing himself from a figurative temptation, Luigi Settembrini shows his creativity through an artistic production which continually seeks form and colour.

It is a refined expressive synthesis obtained by decontextualizing and putting aside the rigorous and tedious paradigms of that part of contemporary art, which takes for granted and shows off technical talent.

In his work he tries to move away from the immaturity of contemporary mimicry and bring out the pictorial quality as absolute form. 


Maurizio Longobardi

Skill in the use of color and bright and expressive tonalities characterises the vivid works of an eclectic artist of undoubtable artistic ability.

His works of geometrical structure can communicate both warmth and harmony or can be cold and melancholic, where plastic forms cause the works to emerge from their compact material individuality, making them interact physically with the observer.

The process of alienation from reality leads the observer into an enchanted world, mysterious, a-temporal, where the interiority of the artist can express itself in concentric lines and deep colours, where all is frozen in its essence, in an abstract form, purified by conceptual relativity.

All of this can be found in Luigi Settembrini, who experiments continuously, escaping stereotypes to offer an original and personal art.”


Marco Filippa